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Tech stuff is tricky.
We're here to help.

Step 1: laugh a little, your not alone. 


What We Do

Teach you the skills you need most

Need help with Powerpoint? Or trying to set up billing on Paypal for your new business? Thinking about cutting the cable but don't know how to use Netflix? Or maybe you just need the confidence to update your phone? 

Make sure your buying the hardware thats right for you 

Setting up a new office? Do you really need that much RAM for your new laptop? (or what's RAM?) Do you really need a printer that can scan 200 pages? Here to help, without any commissions or gain we can make sure it's right for you instead of right for whoever is selling it to you. 

Security check up...
... or help after you've been hacked

No judgment if every password is your pet's name, but it's  perhaps not the safest choice. Is two step verification absolutely necessary? Here to help, either to prevent or recovery after the fact. 

Building a website or blog and teach you how to maintain it

Website building can seem like magic, but we can help build the bones of what you need, make it pretty, and give you a tour behind the curtan, so you can look like a wizard and show off how you can update your own website! 

Learn how to buy social media or google ads

Want your business to be one of the top Google results? See a cool Facebook ad and want to run your own? Want to know how to track clicks? We can teach you! 

*Content for ads must be provided, but we can show you some simple services to help you make them.

Establish your businesses' online presence 

Does your Google Maps listing have the right hours? Need to make a Facebook page for your business? Do you still need a Snapchat? (probably not)

Trouble shooting triage 

Whats wrong? Maybe we can fix it. If we can't we will be upfront about it and help you get it to someone who can. Think of us as your friendly local urgent care, who might tell you the ER is needed. 

Home or business basic sustainability audit 

Did you know your dishwasher uses waayyyy less water than hand washing? Or that charger you left in the wall is adding to your power bill? Do you need all those florescent bulbs for it to be bright enough? Want help sourcing sustainable materials for that remodel? How to you get local produce for your restaurant? We've got the know how, let us help you apply it. 

Digital file management & setting up backups

Everything on your desktop? No idea what you named that file? Difficulty syncing with dropbox? Not sure what the cloud is or if you need 3TB of it? We can help you establish systems that make your life easier.  

Something else? No harm in asking, maybe we'll add it!

There are more kinds of tech problems and solutions than we can possibly list. But whatever it is, we want to help. And if we can't help, we will do our best to find you someone who can.

* What we don't do: 
We are not programers, IT Management, app builders, graphic designers, or an ad agency. We are coaches to help you be the best and most independent you can be. 

Hello, I’m Tim!

I'm here to be your tech coach and teach you the confidence to do anything.

Starting out as a teacher at the Microsoft Store, and moving up to training high rise managers to use a new app and becoming a Product Manager, I've got lots of experience making techonology approachable and understabable. Here to help, no matter how silly your question feels to you, were here to answer it. 

Photo of Tim Schoenau
Photo of Adrienne Schoenau

Hello, I’m Adrienne!

I'm here to help you bring your business online and make it sustainable, for you and the planet. 

With a Masters in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development (HPU), and a nack for intuitive design, I want to help you or your small business become a leader, and a force for good. I can help you with making a website to making your business known across the internet, and almost anything in between

Let's Get Started

Our pricing is simple for now, highly subject to change as we grow and find what meets your needs best.

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